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Participating Benefits Current Bulldogs.

     The Butte High Silver B’s football organization is in its 85th consecutive year of existence. This is something we are very PROUD of and is quite an amazing accomplishment!!!

With your yearly participation in The Butte High Silver B organization, you are helping to support current Butte High Football, as well as the goals/mission of this fabulous organization! We strive to keep the history of Butte High School Football alive, and we hope to continue to be able to help Bulldog senior football lettermen “get off on the right foot in life”…by awarding scholarships each school year. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and your generous donations will help the Butte High Silver B organization achieve its’ goals!

    Please note that Butte High Silver B’s, Inc. is a registered corporation with both the State of Montana as well as with the Federal Government as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Any donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your active participation and for helping us keep this “one-of-a-kind” organization alive!!!

     The following photographs show our beautiful Butte High Silver B’s Display case which is located in the gymnasium area at Butte High School. The large Silver B’s Memorial Scholarship plaque, with the engraved plates, is on permanent display in our Butte High Silver B’s display case. Our initial recipient (2021-22) of The Butte High Silver B’s Memorial Scholarship was Mr. Cole Stewart. Cole received a $1000 scholarship to attend college. The (2022-23) recipients were Mr. Jonas Sherman and Mr. Alex Watson. Jonas and Alex each received $1500 scholarships to help defray the cost of their college tuitions. This year’s recipients (2023-24) are Mr. Luke Verlanic and Mr. Bo Demarais. Luke and Bo will also each be awarded a $1500 scholarship to help them pay for college in the fall of 2024.  All of these young men are exceptional individuals…and are all very deserving!!! With the help of our membership…we hope to keep this scholarship program alive for many years to come!

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