Championships / History.

Mr. Rick Sparks wrote the poem that is displayed below during his senior year at Butte High School. Rick was the starting Center for the 1964 State Champion Bulldogs and earned 1st Team All-State Honors.

Below…you will see the “original copy” of his poem…”BULLDOGS ARE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS” which was written during the 1964-65 school year. Rick is a very Proud Bulldog who attends our functions every chance he gets!

The Butte High Silver B’s football organization started to take shape in the early part of 1940. The group was officially established at a meeting on September 19, 1940 at the Chequamegon Cafe in Butte, MT. At this meeting, the original Officers and the original Board of Directors was established for the newly formed Butte High Silver B’s organization. Each year this group sponsors a Butte High School football game and gathers for a reunion/banquet/induction ceremony prior to kickoff of one of the fall games. The Silver B’s also host an Annual Lettermen’s Dinner following the completion of each season…where we fete the current BHS squad of that season.  This tradition is now in it’s 85th consecutive year…something that we are very proud of!!!

The following attached documents were researched and created by current Butte High Silver B Historian…Scott J. Paffhausen. The first document lists every “Silver B Night” game, as well as Lettermen Dinners, in this groups’ history. This proud tradition started with the very 1st game which took place on October 11, 1940…and continuing through today. The second document lists the primary officers of this organization since it’s inception…and finally, the third document lists Team Rosters, Lettermen’s Lists and Team Captains for every Butte High Football Team from 1893 to 2024. This document is still a work-in-progress and I’m seeking some help in certain areas that are marked in red. If you can assist with some of the questions…please reach out to me at 406-490-9956. Please feel free to look them over and hopefully you enjoy the reading. You should be able to download these documents and print off your own copies if you would like. Two of the documents are quite large and will take some time to download…so please be patient.

***NOTE: I am trying to locate at least one “game program” from each season of football in Butte High’s history (1893 – 2024). I am assembling Historical Team Scrapbooks for each BHS squad and I would like to include the programs in these books. These historical books are stored at the Butte Archives and can be accessed by the public. I would appreciate it if each member could look through their old scrapbooks and memorabilia. Anyone that would be willing to donate items to the organization…please contact Scott Paffhausen at 406-490-9956.***


BHS Silver B Night Games History 10-7-23

BHS Silver B’s History-Officers 7-1-23


Butte Public High School has a very long and storied football history! The very 1st Butte High School football team took the field in 1893…and Butte High School football is still going strong in 2024. 

Butte Public High School has 49 “Championship Game Appearances” over the years…with a record of 35 WINS and 14 LOSSES…for a very impressive 71% winning percentage. The following document has been researched and assembled by Butte High Silver B Historian…Scott J. Paffhausen. Please feel free to browse through the document…hopefully you enjoy the reading. This document should also be able to be downloaded and printed off if you wish. PLEASE be patient and give it time to fully download…it is quite a large document that includes many images. 


BHS Football – Championship Game Appearances

Many fine gentlemen, throughout the years, have had the honor to be the Head Football Coach at Butte Public High School! A complete history of all Butte High Coaches and their overall records can be found below. Please feel free to take a peak…and download the document if you wish. The document has been researched/prepared by Butte High Silver B Historian Scott J. Paffhausen.

Of the MANY fine gentlemen who have coached at Butte Public High School, two men stand above the rest. Coach Harry “Swede” Dahlberg and Coach Jon McElroy are the two winningest coaches in the history of Butte High Football. I’ve attached a few photos of each man…along with a short biography of their career accomplishments.

I have also attached a Silver B historical document that was written by Bulldog Legend Milt Popovich…a memorium for his friend and coach Harry Dahlberg. Hopefully you enjoy reading about the history!!!



Harry Dahlberg Bio

Jon McElroy Bio